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Equatorial Wedges

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Celestron HD Pro Heavy Duty Wedge - 93664

SKU: CEL-93664
  • This Celestron HD Pro Wedge is expressly designed for up to 11" fork-mounted Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope models.
  • Boasting a 14 mm diameter Latitude Adjustment Screw for extra strength and stability, the Celestron HD Pro Wedge minimizes vibration to allow easier rotation of heavy telescopes.
  • Features a built-in telescope hand control unit holder.
  • A recessed tilt plate fits the base of the telescope to enable attachment via simple rotation.
  • Bulkier heavy-duty side plates offer greater rigidity for reduced vibration during imaging sessions.
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$419.95 $399.95

Celestron Equatorial Wedge for NexStar Evolution and 6/8 SE Telescopes - 93665

SKU: CEL-93665
  • Convert your Celestron NexStar 6SE, 8SE, or Evolution alt-azimuth telescope into an equatorial system by using this Celestron Equatorial Wedge.
  • Despite being relatively lightweight at 15 pounds, this Celestron Wedge accepts payloads weighing up to 36 pounds, making it easily capable of taking on an 8" OTA loaded with accessories.
  • Features an integrated bubble level and latitude scale with clear markings.
  • Jumbo-sized knobs make adjustments easy even under heavy loads.
  • Requires no tools for both setting up and making adjustments during use.
$319.95 $299.95

Why add a wedge to your telescope? Astrophotography! An alt-azimuth motorized telescope is certainly capable of taking short exposures of bright objects like the Moon and planets, but if you want to do longer exposures of deep-sky objects, an equatorially mounted telescope is required to eliminate field rotation so your stars are pinpoints and your objects are nice and sharp.

An equatorial wedge allows you to set up your telescope to match your observing latitude, and when it tracks, instead of moving in a relatively straight line, your scope will move just like it would if it were mounted on a German equatorial mount. However, because your wedge is an accessory and not an integral part of your mount, you can remove it anytime to enjoy the portability and easy-going nature of a computerized alt-az mount.

Using an equatorial wedge dramatically improves your images. Stars in a long exposure photograph no longer appear as a long arc, trail, or streak due to field rotation, with this kind of alignment. Many of the most notable brands in astronomy make equatorial wedges, including Celestron, Meade, Sky-Watcher, and Software Bisque. Check out our selection of equatorial wedges to enhance your imaging system!

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