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Equatorial Wedges

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Software Bisque Latitude Adjustment Wedge for Paramount ME/MEII Mounts

Software Bisque Latitude Adjustment Wedge for Paramount ME or ME II - LATADJMEII/ME

  • This Latitude Adjustment Wedge from Software Bisque is designed to be used with their Paramount ME and MEII equatorial mounts.
  • Enables polar alignment at latitudes ranging from 0-15 and from 58-90 degrees to be obtained.
  • Latitudes from 16-57 degrees are covered by the "built-in" latitude ranges for the Software Bisque Paramount ME and ME II.
Software Bisque Latitude Adjustment Wedge for Paramount MX Mount

Software Bisque Paramount MX Latitude Adjustment Wedge - LATADJMX

  • This Software Bisque Latitude Adjustment Wedge is designed to be compatible with the Paramount MX equatorial mount.
  • Makes polar alignment achievable for 0-10 and 65-90 degree latitude ranges.
  • Latitudes between 10 and 65 degrees are already covered by the Paramount MX's native latitude range.

Why add a wedge to your telescope? Astrophotography! An alt-azimuth motorized telescope is certainly capable of taking short exposures of bright objects like the Moon and planets, but if you want to do longer exposures of deep-sky objects, an equatorially mounted telescope is required to eliminate field rotation so your stars are pinpoints and your objects are nice and sharp.

An equatorial wedge allows you to set up your telescope to match your observing latitude, and when it tracks, instead of moving in a relatively straight line, your scope will move just like it would if it were mounted on a German equatorial mount. However, because your wedge is an accessory and not an integral part of your mount, you can remove it anytime to enjoy the portability and easy-going nature of a computerized alt-az mount.

Using an equatorial wedge dramatically improves your images. Stars in a long exposure photograph no longer appear as a long arc, trail, or streak due to field rotation, with this kind of alignment. Many of the most notable brands in astronomy make equatorial wedges, including Celestron, Meade, Sky-Watcher, and Software Bisque. Check out our selection of equatorial wedges to enhance your imaging system!

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