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Meade X Wedge Equatorial Wedge - 07028

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SKU: MEA-07028

Meade X Wedge Equatorial Wedge for LX200 & LX600 Telescopes

For imaging and astrophotography longer than 5 minutes, equatorial mounting is required. Mount the Meade X-Wedge between a telescope and the tripod to enable the tilt of an equatorial type mount that matches the observer's latitude and allows exact polar alignment of your telescope. The astrophotographer aligns the telescopes axis of rotation with the Earths axis of rotation using the X-wedge. Stars in a long exposure photograph no longer appear as a long arc, trail, or streak due to field rotation, with this kind of alignment. This extremely heavy duty wedge allows for secure and stable mounting with exceptional vibration damping of larger Meade SC and ACF telescopes.

The Meade X-Wedge #07028 is designed for long exposure astrophotography and imaging with Meade LX200 and LX600 models. This extremely heavy duty wedge allows for secure and stable mounting with great vibration damping for larger Meade SC and ACF telescopes. This precision CNC machined wedge is constructed from ultra-rigid aircraft grade aluminum with smooth, accurate altitude and azimuth adjustments. Large, easy to use knobs make adjustments a simple matter, even when wearing gloves. Thirty percent more stable than competing equatorial wedges, the Meade X-Wedge sets a new standard for equatorial stability while allowing for tracking from horizon to horizon without the need of any meridian flip such as required by German Equatorial Mounts.

Use the X-Wedge with Meade field tripods supplied with all compatible models including 10" through 14" diameter LX200 and LX600 telescopes. In addition, the X-wedge is compatible with LX90 models with the addition of the LX90 Wedge Adapter Plate as well as the discontinued LX50, LX200 "Classic" and RCX400. This wedge can also be pier mounted (but hardware not included). Note: Tripod is NOT included.

Product carries full one year Meade limited factory warranty.