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Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Latitude EQ Base - S20530

SKU: SKY-S20530

Sky-Watcher Equatorial Base
for Star Adventurer Multi-Function Mount

The Star Adventurer Adjustable Wedge can be inserted between your tripod and the Star Adventurer Multi-Function Mount and add the functionality necessary to adjust the latitude of the system for polar alignment.

Take a look at the schematic to get a feel for the different adjustments that can be made. To adjust the latitude of the EQ Base, rotate the Latitude Knob. The Star Adventurer Latitude Base adjusts from 0º latitude to 70º latitude. You can make adjustments to the horizontal position by turning the Horizontal Adjustment Knob. The unit includes a bubble level so that you can check to make sure your base is horizontal.

The Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Wedge can be installed on a tripod or mount with a 3/8" bolt, and the mounting plate connects easily to the Star Adventurer Multi-Function Mount. Just make sure the "stopper" is facing forward, as shown in the schematic, to keep your mount from sliding off the wedge before you have tightened the lock knob.