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Starlight Xpress USB Filter Wheel Carousel - 5 Position, 2" Mounted


Starlight Xpress Five Position USB Filter Wheel Carousel
for 2" Mounted Filters

Filter wheel disks, or carousels, are easy to swap out when using the Starlight Xpress USB Filter Wheel. There are no gears or belt drives to engage and the plate drops directly into contact with the motor drive drum. Easily done, even by flashlight!

This filter wheel carousel will hold up to five (5) 2" mounted filters. There are carousels available separately that accept up to seven 1.25" mounted filters, seven 36 mm unmounted filters, and five 50.8 mm unmounted filters.

Image shows the SX 5-Position Carousel for 2" Mounted Filters in position within the USB Filter Wheel, which is sold separately.