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Astronomik H-Alpha 12 nm CCD Filter - 50 mm Round - HA12-50R

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Astronomik H-Alpha 12 nm CCD Filter - 50 mm Round

  • 50 mm round threaded cell photographic filter
  • Made with regards for the highest technical standards to ensure the finest achievable optical performance for deep sky imaging with CCD cameras
  • Allows desired H-Alpha emissions to pass through while intercepting nearly the entire remainder of the visual spectrum as well as IR
  • FWHM bandwidth of 12 nm
  • Obstructs all undesired light pollution, making it optimally suited for imaging planetary nebulae as well as supernova remnants
  • Made in Germany, a country known for producing supreme quality optics!

More About the Astronomik 50 mm Round H-Alpha 12 nm CCD Filter

For CCD applications, this Astronomik 50 mm Round H-Alpha 12 nm Filter is the optimal narrowband filter. Its 12 nm full width at half maximum (FWHM) is perfect for standard CCD cameras, permitting the use of extremely fast optics. The f/number application range spans from 1:2.8 to 1:15. Transmission deficits and chromatic distortion, a problem with other filters, only happen with Astronomik filters when excessively bright 1:2 plus aperture ratios are involved. This filter features a transmission of up to 99%. Additionally, with this 12 nm filter, you'll find it easier to locate guide stars for cameras with an incorporated autoguider.

The contrast between objects with H-Alpha emission lines and the skyglow background is enhanced by the Astronomik H-Alpha CCD Filter. In addition, this filter completely cuts off light from spurious sources such as the mercury and sodium-vapor lines from street lamps, making it an outstanding light pollution filter! Due to the Astronomik CCD H-Alpha substrate's high optical quality, you'll see the same razor sharp stars you'd see if you were using your regular telescope.

Like all Astronomik filters, the 50 mm Round H-Alpha 12 nm is parfocal with all other Astronomik filters, and it is delivered in a high-quality, long-lasting plastic storage case. It completely blocks out all unwanted wavelengths in the visual and IR part of the spectrum. Diffraction limited, your telescope's optical performance will not be compromised. Furthermore, this filter features a very thin substrate and is highly resistant to the effects of scratching, aging, and high humidity.

Transmission Specifications

  • 97+% transmission for the H-Alpha line
  • Blocks nearly the whole remainder of the visual spectrum
  • Blocks unwanted wavelengths in the infrared

Please note this filter must NEVER be used for solar observing or imaging. Doing so will cause permanent damage to your eyes.