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Astronomik MC Clear Glass Clip Filter for Canon EOS 350D, 20D, 20Da, and 30D DSLR Cameras - C-EOS-350D


Astronomik MC Clear Filters for Canon EOS DSLR Cameras

Astronomik MC clear filters have special glass that converts specific Canon EOS DSLR camera models for astrophotography in order to take advantage of the CMOS sensor's spectral sensitivity. Available in various sizes to meet the requirements of different Canon EOS DSLR cameras, fine optically polished, multi-mirrored MC clear glass is primarily used to offset the optical path for cameras that have previously had filters removed. In addition, this MC clear filter prohibits dirt particles from settling directly on the sensor, thus preventing easily apparent spots while shooting. Despite their name, MC clear glass filters have no filtering effect and do not block infrared or UV light.

For cameras that have been rebuilt using Astronomik MC clear glass, a supplementary filter that obstructs either infrared or visible light, depending on which area of the spectrum is being photographed, is required for the optical path in order for imaging with camera lenses, adapters on refractors, or flatteners, reducers, and other light-breaking elements to work properly. Astronomik suggests the use of their OWB or Original White Balance clip filter, which reclaims the sensitivity the camera originally had prior to conversion, for terrestrial photography, and at least one L-filter in the optical path for visible light astrophotography. For IR photography, Astronomik recommends either the ProPlanet 742 or ProPlanet 807 IR-Pass filters.

More About Astronomik MC Clear Glass Filters

The main purpose of Astronomik's MC Clear Glass Filter is to shield your imaging system from dust. Made in Germany, this filter offers multi-coatings for preventing strange reflections while providing identical scratch resistance and substrate quality as all other Astronomik filters. This filter does not block UV or IR and works best for telescope systems without any refracting elements.

When maintaining the same location for both your imaging system's focal plane and other Astronomik filters is required, this MC Clear Glass filter is the ideal fit. All Astronomik filters will remain parfocal with your imaging system when the Astronomik MC Glass Filter is in use.

Made by the identical high-end process used to make all other Astronomik filters, the Astronomik MC Clear Glass Filter offers the same high quality substrate and scratch resistance. This makes the MC Clear filter parfocal with any available Astronomik filter. It can be used for protecting Schmidt-Cassegrain, Schmidt-Newtonian and Maksutov systems as well as DSLR cameras from dust without altering spectral characteristics or reducing your system's optical performance.

Astronomik MC Clear Glass Filter Highlights

  • Parfocal with every other filter Astronomik carries
  • 1 mm glass thickness
  • Coatings insulate this filter from the deteriorating effects of scratching, aging, and high humidity
  • This filter is diffraction limited and thus will not reduce the optical performance of your telescope
  • Astronomik filters come with a long-lasting plastic storage container of superior quality
  • Astronomik filters made post 2008 feature a new design that eliminates any sort of halo or undesired reflection