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  • Astronomik MC Clear Glass Clip Filter for Canon EOS 1000D, 100D, 450D-760D, 40D-70D, and 7D DSLR Cameras
    Astronomik Filters Astronomik MC Clear Glass Cover for Canon EOS 1000D, 100D, 450D-760D, 40D-70D, & 7D DSLR Cameras - C-EOS-1000D
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One of the most crucial accessories of astro-imaging is filters. Eyepiece filters are an invaluable aid in lunar and planetary observing. They reduce glare and light scattering, increase contrast through selective filtration, increase definition and resolution, reduce irradiation and lessen eye fatigue. Different filters will act differently, highlighting a rainbow of wavelengths to enhance a variety of features in the night sky.

Deep-space imaging in particular benefits from filters. Far away celestial objects, such as nebulae come to life in your photos with vivid colors. We recommend starting out with an h-alpha filter to filter out broadband light pollution while only allowing a very narrow bandwidth of light to pass through. These are a favorite filter among astrophotographers!

We offer deep sky filters and planetary filters from Lumicon, Baader Planetarium, Celestron, TeleVue, Meade, Orion, High Point & Thousand Oaks. Telescope filters will add to the performance of virtually any telescope and are a highly recommended telescope accessory. Feel free to contact one of our telescope experts for advice on selecting the filter assortment that is right for you.

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