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Orion 78 - 113 mm ID PinPoint Telescope Focusing Mask - 40005

SKU: ORI-40005

Orion 78 - 113 mm ID PinPoint Telescope Focusing Mask Highlights

  • Better known as Bahtinov masks, Orion PinPoint Focusing Masks will aid you in quickly achieving exact focus.
  • Suitable for telescopes with an outside diameter of between 78 mm and 113 mm (3.07" to 4.44").
  • A distinct, intersecting 3-line pattern is generated by Orion PinPoint Focusing Masks once precise focus has been obtained.
  • For a secure grip following installation, three Orion-exclusive modifiable padded pegs are provided.
  • Works with any telescope type, and is especially beneficial for astro-imaging systems.

Orion 78 - 113 mm ID PinPoint Telescope Focusing Mask

When fixed to the front of a telescope, this practical Orion PinPoint Telescope Focusing Mask makes achieving fast and accurate focusing without estimation easy. As soon as accurate focus has been obtained in any type of telescope, these focus aids, also known as Bahtinov masks, produce a noticeable pattern of three intersecting lines via a laser-cut slot pattern.

Astrophotographers can save valuable time while avoiding those discouraging fuzzy outcomes generated by slightly out of focus exposures by having an Orion PinPoint Focusing Mask installed on their imaging telescope. With a PinPoint Mask, all the user has to do is fixate on any bright star within proximity to the celestial object you want to image and adjust focus until you see the intersecting 3-line pattern to signal that precise focus has been obtained. Besides astrophotography, PinPoint Focusing Masks are also useful visually when quick, tack-sharp focusing is desired.

Three adjustable rubber-sleeved pegs, unique to Orion, are outfitted with thumbscrews to fasten to the exterior of your telescope or dew shield to secure a firm attachment for the PinPoint Mask. Simple installation and removal enable exact focus to be achieved so you can promptly begin capturing astrophotographic exposures.

This Orion PinPoint Focusing Mask is made of laser-cut black plastic and works with optical tubes featuring an outside diameter spanning 78 mm to 113 mm (3.07" to 4.44"). Flat design allows for easy storage and portability.