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High Point 35mm Self-Centering Extension Tube - 2" - SCEXT35-2


High Point Self-Centering 35 mm Extension Tube - 2"

This self-centering CNC-machined Extension Tube provides 35mm, or 1.38" of extension for customers who need help achieving focus with their imaging set-up. An extension tube can also allow a telescope that has been designed for imaging to focus with an eyepiece for visual observing. The diameter of the 35mm extension tube is 2", and the total length is 70mm. Threads have been added to the barrel to accept 2" filters.

The High Point Self-Centering Extension Tube uses a helical compression mechanism to safely hold, and accurately center, your 2" accessory in place. This type of holding mechanism is preferred over a simple thumbscrew locking method because it will push the inserted barrel laterally, and your accessory will be off-center. To use the self-centering extension tube, simply rotate the knurled top ring to lock your accessory in place, and twist in the opposite direction to release it. You will not only have a centered accessory, you will find that operating this type of adapter is much easier, especially in the dark.