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Meade 1.25" Basic Camera Adapter for Telescopes - 07356

SKU: MEA-07356

Meade 1.25" Basic Camera Photo Adapter for Telescopes

Do you wish to take pictures of the Moon and planets through your telescope? The Meade Basic Camera Adapter is the simplest way to accomplish this. It attaches to your telescope by sliding into either the 1.25" focuser or eyepiece holder, and then your SLR or DSLR camera attaches to the other end of the adapter via a T-Ring (sold separately), made specifically for your camera body brand (Nikon, Canon, etc.).

It enables you to do astrophotography with your 35 mm SLR camera in two different possible ways. The first method is called eyepiece projection photography. You first remove the eyepiece from your scope. Place the eyepiece inside this Basic Photo Adapter by Meade, and fasten it in place with the set screw provided. Then attach this Photo Adapter to the appropriate T-Ring for your particular camera body (T-Ring is sold separately). The T-Ring will be attached directly to your camera body instead of a lens! With the camera thus attached, place this assembly into the normal 1.25" focuser barrel, and you are ready to do eyepiece projection photography with high magnification (depending on the focal length of your eyepiece).

Or, you can use this adapter without any eyepiece inside of it. Screw this Basic Adapter directly into your appropriate T-Ring, and you can place this (plus attached camera body) into a standard 1.25" focuser barrel, and you are ready to do prime focus photography with your camera. The image size will then be determined solely by the focal length of your telescope.

You will need to obtain a T-Ring which is appropriate for your particular camera body.