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Omegon MiniTrack LX2 Original Mount - No Ball-Head - 55040

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SKU: OMG-55040

Omegon Original MiniTrack LX2 Mount

Please note : The Omegon Mini-Track mount is only appropriate to use for the Northern Hemisphere. To take images south of the equator, customers should use the Omegon Mount Mini Track Track LX2 NS or the Omegon Mount Mini Track L2 NS Set (these are sold separately).

Get ready for a product that almost completely guarantees a successful astrophotography session when wide-angle and lightweight telescope lenses are used. This compact Omegon MiniTrack LX2 Mount can travel with you anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere. This mount works without batteries, and with its compact size and lightweight aluminum makeup, it can fit in almost any pocket! The photos taken with the help of this mount are sure to wow even the most experienced astrophotographers.

Astrophotography on the Go

Why stop at taking vacation photos of the family and the spectacular terrestrial sights? Sometimes, some of the most stunning vacation views are directly above us. As long as you have a camera tripod and a camera that weighs no more than 4.4lbs, then the Omegon MiniTrack mount will help you capture those incredible celestial moments. This mount gives you the bare essentials, meaning that the creation of good astronomy images is completely under your control.

Tracking like Clockwork

The MiniTrack mount from Omegon works by using a clockwork heart. Electronics are a no-go for this mount. It kicks back to the basic mechanics of night sky tracking, meaning there is no need to search for a power source when using the mount. All astrophotographers have to do is wind-up the cord, like an analog clock, and the mount will click into action with precision tracking for your camera. This tracking will continue for 60-minutes. Omegon has made sure that, even in freezing conditions, the mount will never flag.

No Need for Counterweights!

This mount has a built-in spring system that takes away the need for counterweights. Why? Well, the spring system supports the weight of the camera and manages the tracking mechanism that tracks the camera. With no need for an accessory like a counterweight, this mount becomes the perfect grab-and-go mount for quick trips or trips that would be made difficult if carrying heavy accessories around.

Spotting Polaris

In order to successfully operate this mount, the mount must point to Polaris. The name for this is "setting the mount in station." Because the sky "rotates" roughly around Polaris, the northern star, the clockwork mechanism only tracks correctly when pointed at the star. The included polar finder tube helps astrophotographers get a rough orientation that will sufficiently track the camera and lenses used.

This Mount Loves All Camera Tripods

This little mount has two connectors. One goes to the camera and the other is for the tripod. Using a 1.4" screw, users can attach the mount to a tripod and align the mount to their liking. Also, the mount ball-head (sold separately) can be mounted with a 1/4" or a 3/8" thread.

How it Got Its Start

The Omegon MiniTrack Mount was developed by a gentleman from Italy, Cristian Fattinnanzi. Omegon took over distribution to make it accessible to a wider circle of consumers.


  • This mount helps users take part in effortless and successful photography sessions of the night sky.
  • Being able to work without batteries means that this mount never needs charging! This instrument works via clockwork, so it does not have power sockets or a place for batteries.
  • To begin operating the mount, all observers have to do is wind-up the mount by pulling the cord.
  • If astrophotographers wish to have optimal overview shots of the night sky and are using telephoto lenses up to about 300mm, then this mount is the mount to use!
  • All you have to do is put the mount onto a tripod and mount a camera that weighs up to 2kg.
  • Overall Size: 21 x 7.8 x 13
  • Tracking: Tracks on the RA Axis