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QHY QHY5III174 USB3.0 Color CMOS Imaging Camera - QHY5III174C

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QHY QHY5III174 Color CMOS Camera

The QHY5III174 CMOS USB 3.0 camera is great companion for those looking who want to image and video planetary, lunar, solar and meteor views

QHY has implemented the Sony Pregius™ global shutter (GS) CMOS imaging technology that transforms GS CMOS imaging and gives users fast frame rates along with imaging performance similar to that provided by a CCD sensor. This allows for higher quantum efficiency and reduced dark noise for higher gains without losing any image quality. The global shutter gets rid of pixelization encountered during planetary or lunar imaging produced by atmospheric agitation and high frame rates.

QHY's design of the QHY5III174 camera retains 1.25" eyepiece design which has a more effective heat transfer to the exterior case for lower noise specifically in high ambient temperatures. This 1.25" design also optimizes this camera for Off-Axis guiding by providing the shortest possible back focus.

The QHY5III174 uses the LEMO style connector for the guide port. This LEMO connector is known for being tough and dependable!

The QHY5III174 CMOS Color Camera is well-equipped for solar imaging with short focal length telescopes that absorb the full solar disk within the field of view.

QHY QHY5III174 Color CMOS Camera Specifications

  • CMOS Sensor: Sony IMX174 Exmore CMOS color sensor
  • Imager Size: Standard 1/1.2"
  • Pixel Array: 1920 x 1200
  • Effective Pixels: 230 Megapixels
  • Effective Area: 7.2 mm x 4.5 mm
  • Pixel Size: 5.86 µm x 5.86 µm
  • Readout Type: Progressive Scan
  • Full Well Capacity: >32 Ke
  • Peak QE: 78%
  • Readout Noise: 1.6e- to 5.3e-
  • System Gain: 0.46e-/ADU@Gain0
  • Shutter: Global Shutter
  • Max Frame Rate (8 bit): 262FPS@960x600, 490FPS@480x300
  • A/D: 12bit
  • Guide Port: Standard 6-pin RJ11 Guide Port
  • Camera Size: 1.25" eyepiece size (diameter=31.6 mm)
  • Optic Window: AR+AR