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Starizona HyperStar Camera Adapter - C8 - HSCA-C8


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Starizona HyperStar Camera Adapter - C8

This custom adapter from Starizona is great for HyperStar camera setups on the C8 telescopes. It allows for the use of a single 2" mounted filter. This is an additional adapter, as there is one included in the purchase of a HyperStar lens.

Instructions on How To Order the Starizona HyperStar Camera Adapter

Below is a list of cameras provided by Starizona. Please copy or re-type the correct camera type into the field above:


ATIK 314/320

ATIK 383

ATIK 4-Series

Canon Mirrorless

Celestron Nightscape



Mallincam C-Thread

Mallincam T-Thread


Orion Parsec

Orion StarShoot I/II/G3

Orion StarShoot Pro

Orion StarShoot Pro V2

QHY 163/183

QHY 247/168/165


QHY8 Pro - New w/o Tilt Ring

QHY8 Pro - New w/Tilt Ring

QHY8 Pro - Old w/o Tilt Option



QSI s (Medium Enclosure)

QSI ws (Full Enclosure)

Sony Mirrorless

Starlight Xpress

Starlight Xpress H18

ZWO Cooled

ZWO Non-Cooled 174/183/294/1600

ZWO Non-Cooled 120/178/224/290/385

If you cannot find your camera in the list above, please specify your camera type (including the manufacturer and the model) in the field and include a statement similar to the following: "My camera is not on the list provided by Starizona." If you are unsure or have questions on your camera type, please leave your preferred contact information and the word "Help," and the High Point team would be happy to contact you.

Once the information is gathered, High Point will order the correct adapter for your camera. Please note that if your camera requires a custom modification to the tooling of the adapter, the price may rise. If this happens, High Point Scientific will contact you before moving forward.

Note: The filter seen in the photos is not included with the purchase.

Please note that we cannot offer refunds on custom-made products, including custom Starizona HyperStar Camera Adapters. Make sure you specify the proper camera type for your set-up. If you aren’t sure or need help, please contact a member of our telescope customer service team via chat, phone, or email. Thanks.