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Starlight Xpress Extension Tube for AO or OAG


Starlight Xpress AO/OAG Autoguider Extension Tube

The Starlight Xpress AO/OAG extension is a 30mm tube that screws into the top of the Ultra Slimline Off-Axis Guider or the OAG supplied with the AOLF Active Optics System. Adding the extension tube allows you to move the guide camera further away from the AOG prism, allowing you to compensate for a longer back focus of the main imaging camera.

Starlight Xpress cameras have a back focus of 17mm, and their OAGs are designed to work with these and other manufacturers’ cameras with similar back focal distances. However if the customer uses a camera with a much larger back focal distance, ie. a DSLR, the the guider needs to be moved further away to achieve par focal operation.