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Starlight Xpress 9-Position Maxi Filter Wheel for 2" Filters - SXLFW-2TAK

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Starlight Xpress Maxi USB Filter Wheel
with 9 Position 2" Filter Carousel

The Starlight Xpress Maxi Filter Wheel comes with an internal nine (9) position carousel that holds 2" mounted filters. This filter wheel comes with a standard 72mm female input adapter as well as a standard 72mm male output adapter, but other adapters are also available optionally. The built-in off-axis guider assembly accepts most guide cameras...we recommend the SX Lodestar X2.

The Starlight Xpress Maxi Filter Wheel has a large format, and is intended for use with the SX-35 or SX-36, or when five filter positions is not enough, even when using a camera with a smaller sensor. It is easy to change out filter carousels without the need for tools or a PhD. A nice selection of threaded adapters are available optionally, and can be changed by simply unscrewing the stainless steel screws with a small screwdriver and removing the adapter flange. You can rotate the flange to any position you like before tightening down the screws so that the filter wheel can sit in the best position for your imaging set-up.

The SX Maxi USB Filter Wheel is quiet in operation and Hall-Effect 3-bit encoded positioning gives absolute filter locations (not serially sequential) so you can easily swap between any filters without accidentally losing the wheel position.

A separate power supply is not required when you use the filter wheel with USB. The high performance DC gear motor runs entirely from the USB supply.