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Starlight Xpress SXMDFW-1T Midi USB Filter Wheel with 7 Positions for 1.25" Filters, Male & Female T-Thread Connections, and Slimline OAG - 120-0044

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SKU: SLX-120-0044

Starlight Xpress SXMDFW-1T 7-Position 1.25" Midi Filter Wheel

Made to be powered and controlled via a single USB cable, the Starlight Xpress MIDI is the most recent in a line of popular USB filter wheels. A Slimline Off-Axis Guider integrated into this filter wheel is ideally suited for use with Lodestar X2 or Ultrastar guide cameras and can be employed on other autoguider brands as well.

Use of this MIDI Filter Wheel together with any Starlight Xpress imaging camera produces a total back focus distance of 55 mm. This is crucial because for many refractors with focal reducers/flatteners, 55 mm is the optimal back focus. A male T-thread input adapter can be used to attach cameras from alternative brands. Meanwhile, the telescope side features female T-threads for the included M48 female adapter.