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Takahashi FSQ-106EDX4 DSLR Prime Focus Kit - FSQKIT0001

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Takahashi FSQ-106EDX4 DSLR Prime Focus Kit

This FSQ-106EDX4 Prime Focus Kit from Takahashi comes with all the adapters required to use the FSQ-106EDX4 Quadruplet Refractor at its prime focus, either for visual applications or with a DSLR camera. Please be aware that the addition of the appropriate camera T-ring is necessary for use with a DSLR.

The FSQKIT0001 includes the following:

  • TKP86003 Coupling 8A
  • TKP86005 Visual Adapter 12A
  • TKP00103 Coupling S 14
  • TKP00101 Eyepiece Adapter 46
  • TKA38205 AUX Ring 81S

Please Note: The adapters & spacers that make up this kit are now included when you purchase the FSQ-106EDX4. This kit is available for those who need replacements or have an FSQ-106EDX4 that did not come with these parts.