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Video Astronomy Cameras & Equipment

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Revolution Imager R2

Revolution Imager R2 with Viewing Screen - RI-KITR2 - Used - SOLD

  • Color or Monochrome Camera: Color
  • Cooled or Uncooled: Uncooled
  • Pixel Array & Resolution: 720 x 576 (0.4 MP)
  • Pixel Size in Microns: 5
  • Sensor Model: ICX811
$299.99 $244.00

Most people will appreciate the simplicity of looking through an eyepiece for visual astronomy, however, there are limitations to this visual setup. Even if you don’t have a vision impairment, your dark-adapted eyes are limited in how much color and detail they can see. Also, this astronomy equipment setup may not be comfortable for someone with neck or back pain because it requires long periods of sitting and hunching your back. When the air chilly or if you enjoy observing in the cooler months, you may not be so willing to spend a night outside.

Video astronomy solves these issues. Video astronomy is quite similar to astrophotography because you attach a CCD or CMOS camera to the back of your telescope. However, instead of using the camera to take still images, the telescope video camera shoots live video of the night sky, which can be displayed on a computer or television screen.

This means you can view celestial objects from the comfort of your home. Simply set up your telescope video camera and wire the video astronomy set up to a monitor indoors. No more straining your body all night long just to view your favorite objects. Moreover, this piece of video astronomy equipment will pick up more detail than your eye could see through an eyepiece. You can even save these enhanced videos to a computer or USB Drive to view later and share with others.

Video astronomy is excellent for star parties. There are no more long lines to view through your telescope eyepiece. Set up the video astronomy monitor in a place where everyone can see it and everyone will enjoy the view through your telescope video camera all at once. This piece of astronomy equipment is also ideal for other group settings, such as clubs, observatories, or just you and a handful of friends and family.

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