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Zhumell 1.25" Lunar and Planetary Color Filter Set - ZHUL036-1


Zhumell 1.25" Lunar & Planetary Filter Set

Zhumell 1.25" Lunar and Planetary Color Filter Set with three color filters, #12 Yellow, #21 Orange, and #80A Blue, plus one Neutral Density ND96-0.6 filter. Fitting any 1.25" format eyepiece, these filters work by themselves or in conjunction with other filters in the set to highlight detail in images viewed through a telescope. Listed below are just some of the ways the filters in this kit can be used:

#12 Yellow - 74%VLT

Yellow filters are great for observing Mars. They bring out the polar ice caps, augment atmospheric blue clouds, enhance contrast, and brighten the Martian desert. Red and orange features on Jupiter and saturn are also enhanced while Jupiter's blue festoons near its equator are darkened.

#21 Orange - 46%VLT

Optimally suited for increasing contrast between light and dark areas, orange filters can also penetrate clouds, and help uncover Martian dust storms. The orange filter also heightens contrast of Jupiter's features including the Great Red Spot.

#80A Blue - 30%VLT

With a blue filter, details in Martian atmospheric clouds, details in Saturn belts and polar features, lunar contrast, and contrast of bright regions and cloud boundaries of Jupiter are all enhanced. Another use for blue filters is in helping split the binary star Antares when at maximum separation.

ND96-0.6 Neutral Density

All wavelengths receive equal permission to pass through with this neutral density filter. With neutral density filters, the result is the reduction of the general brightness of an image. Additionally, neutral density filters are useful for splitting binary systems and decreasing glare.