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ZWO 60mm Guide Scope - ZWO-60280

SKU: ZWO-60280

What We Like About the ZWO 60mm Guide Scope Kit

  • This 60mm f/4.6 refractor guide scope is super economical! It comes ready to use with 80mm rings, a 4" Vixen-style dovetail, and a standard finder shoe dovetail base.

  • ZWO made sure this refractor guide scope was lightweight (1.4 lb.), allowing you to use it on most any scope or mount.

  • Add an inexpensive brand-specific t-ring to this refractor guide scope and attach it to your DSLR camera.

  • The ZWO 60mm guide scope can be used as a finder with optional eyepiece (reticle or otherwise) as long as you view straight-through (no diagonal).

ZWO 60mm Guide Scope Kit Specifications

  • Aperture: 60mm

  • Focal Length: 280mm

  • Focal Ratio: f/4.6

  • Optics: Multi-coated, cemented lens

  • Focus Travel: 30mm (1.18")

  • Back Focus: 15mm

  • Focuser: 1.25", rotating, with focus lock thumbscrews

  • Rings: 80mm dual rings with a total of six alignment screws

  • Two Dovetails: Vixen-Style 4" (underside has five 1/4" screw holes for mounting) and a smaller dovetail to mount into a standard finder base

  • Hole Pitch Distance for 4" Dovetail: 22mm

  • Length of OTA: +/- 300mm (11.8")

  • Total Weight: +/- 640g (1.4 lb.)