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Astrodon UVenus UV Imaging Filter - 49.7 mm Round Unmounted - UVENUS-50R

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About Astrodon UVenus Filters

Astrodon filters are high performing, durable filters that provide significant aid for astrophotography and research pursuits. Each filter is constructed using a highly innovative process with a single high quality 3 mm thick fused silica substrate and full hard oxide sputtered coatings. With the Astrodon UVenus imaging filter, a breakthrough has been achieved in UV filters for CCD cameras. This new filter provides a guaranteed transmission of greater than 90%, whereas previous Astrodon-Schuler UV filters would only provide up to 65% transmission of light in the 300 nm to 400 nm range. Such exceptional performance saves imagers time when UV signals are weak, while also enabling high contrast due to limited light leakage.

Astrodon UVenus Imaging Filter

A leap forward in UV filter CCD imaging technology, this superior quality Astrodon UVenus filter contains hard, durable coatings and offers the finest transmission available. Use this filter in conjunction with CCD cameras and a telescope to image the cloud structure of Venus and Jupiter, or for general UV imaging of flowers, insects, forensics, etc.

Traditionally, Astrodon-Schuler UV filters have been used to image Venus. Although constructed using several colored glasses, these filters only allow approximately 65% of 300 nm to 400 nm region UV light to be transmitted. As with Astrodon's high quality Gen2 LRGB filters, their UVenus filter also keeps halos around bright stars to a minimum.

But with Astrodon UVenus filters, transmission is guaranteed to be above 90% with minimal out-of-band light leakage. With exceptional performance like this, you'll be able to manage your imaging time better even when UV signals are weak. Plus, low light leakage enables improved contrast. A separate NIR blocking filter is not needed.

Astrodon UVenus Imaging Filter Specifications

  • Unmounted 49.7 mm round filter
  • 3.000+/-0.025 mm thick substrate
  • Single, striae-free fused silica substrate
  • 1/4 wave substrate prior to coating
  • <0.5 arcminute parallelism before coating
  • Edge to edge hard coatings
  • Guaranteed 90%+ maximum transmission with 94%+ typical
  • <0.01% transmission from 285-305 nm, and <0.1% transmission from 420-1100 nm

WARNING! This filter is NOT for visual observations of the sun or UV light sources.