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Astronomik LRGB Filter Set - 50 mm Round - LRGB-50R

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Astronomik LRGB Filter Set - 50 mm Round

  • Each filter in this Astronomik LRGB (Luminance (UV & IR-Cutoff), Red, Green, Blue) Type 2c Filter Set is presented in a round 50 mm cell
  • All four filters have a transmission of almost 100%
  • Additional filters are not required as each filter in this set obstructs the IR
  • Coatings protect incredibly well against scratching, aging, and high humidity
  • The filters in this set are diffraction limited for no compromise in your telescope system's optical quality
  • Each filter's transmission has been adjusted by Astronomik to provide the most favorable color reproduction for simple image processing
  • Shortest possible exposure times facilitated by high transmission
  • German-made for excellent optical quality!

More About the Astronomik 50 mm LRGB Filter Set

These filters provide natural color facsimiles of planets, stars, emission nebulae, and reflection nebulae. Featuring transmission properties enhanced for CCD imaging, these Astronomik 50 mm round LRGB filters enable the procurement of a wide assortment of objects in their correct color. While other brands are forced to make strange concessions with their filters, Astronomik filters provide the finest possible color duplication. See true color representations of stars along with objects the transmit only in spectral lines. Your final images will have such perfect colors, it'll be as if the featured objects were vivid enough to be seen with the sun out. This characteristic is what sets Astronomik filters apart from those developed by other manufacturers.

For Astronomik, the act of taking the image does not bring the process to completion. They realize that astrophotographers want a way to make editing a simple, proficient task. For color preservation, Astronomik has calculated their filter set for the sRGB color space, an acknowledged standard for manufacturers that produce monitors, printers, and imaging software. These filters split the spectrum into four parts: red, green, blue, and luminance, making color separation achievable with true black & white CCD sensors. This separation corresponds to the color sensitivity of the human eye according to DIN 5032. Employing the sRGB color space assures image color retention throughout the complete processing and output of the image. Teaming your CCD camera with these Astronomik 50 mm LRGB filters enables the creation of optimal raw material for image processing in the sRGB color space.

Astronomik filters are parfocal with wedge errors below all usual margins due to the high-precision machining of the carrier substrate. Diffraction limited, the filters in this set will not lessen the overall quality of your optical system. Precise image location in each color image as well as focal distance issues are not applicable concerns anymore! In addition, these Astronomik 50 mm LRGB filters provide complete protection from blemishes caused by the effects of aging, high humidity, and scratching. Each filters arrives with its own long-lasting plastic storage container of excellent quality.

Transmission Specifications

  • 99+% transmission for each individual color band
  • Obstructs undesired infrared wavelengths