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Binocular Viewers

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William Optics 2x Barlow Nosepiece for Binoviewers - 1.25"

William Optics 1.25" 2x Barlow Nosepiece for Binoviewers - E-BINO-B2

  • Using this Barlow nosepiece will double the power of the eyepieces used with the Binoviewers.

  • The barrel of this William Optics Barlow is 1.25".

  • William Optics' Barlow Nosepiece will screw into 1.25" eyepieces and binoviewers.

  • Though not included, this 2x Barlow nosepiece can be used in conjunction with an extender.
William Optics Binoviewer Package with Eyepieces & Barlow

William Optics Binoviewer W/Eyepieces & Barlow Nosepiece - E-BINO-P

  • For finetuning this William Optics Binoviewer has eyepiece focus adjustment.

  • This WO binoviewer has fully-multi coated optical elements.

  • Included with this Binoviewer are two William Optics 20 mm, 1.25" eyepieces.

  • The use of non-marring compression rings protect the inserted eyepieces.

Binocular viewers, also known as binoviewers, have recently become a favorite among amateur astronomers. That’s why our selection of binoviewers for sale is constantly growing! Binocular viewers allow for comfortable celestial observations and dramatically reduces eye fatigue. Many users say binoviewers even produce a more immersive, 3D-like experience when viewing the skies.

Like terrestrial binoculars, binocular viewers use a set of prisms to split your telescope’s light path in two. This means a binoviewer requires two eyepieces, one for each eye, and two filters if desired. Therefore, our binoviewers for sale are great for observing brighter objects, such as the Moon’s serene surface features or the bands of Jupiter. You can also enjoy clear, captivating views of Saturn’s rings.

However, binoviewers can be cumbersome for some observers. Because binoviewers split a telescope’s light path, images may appear dimmer. Also, an amplifying lens, such as a Barlow, is often required to bring your scope into focus because the binoviewers adds length to your light path. Our experts have hand-picked a wide selection of accessories to help you enjoy all that a binoviewer has to offer, such as correctors, Barlows, flat couplers, and more. When you purchase a binoviewer for sale from High Point, you're in good hands!

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