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Ken Press Guide to the Stars 11-inch Student Planisphere

SKU: KEN-1-928771-22-X

This wheel of stars ¬ this planisphere ¬ is a key to a great adventure. As you hold in your hands, you are the luckiest person alive, for you are about to begin an incredible journey. Whether in your backyard with your family or in a field with friends, you will learn about the stars. The journey will take you to new worlds different suns, and wonderful stories that have been told for many years. You are embarking on a voyage into the night sky.

Learning the stars is fun, but like anything worth doing, it requires patience. Follow the easy directions to use your planisphere, and then try to match the bright stars you see in the sky with what you see on this planisphere by Ken Graun. In the weeks and months to come, different stars will appear. Also, the sky might try to tease you. Is there a bright “star” that does not appear anywhere on the chart? It’s probably not a star at all, but a planet like Venus, Mars, Jupiter, or Saturn. Planets don’t appear on the star wheel because they move across the sky from week to week, but you can find where they are by visiting

In front of the background of stars and constellations, you’ll see other things that come and go, like meteors. Although they look like stars falling from the sky, they are really much closer to us, little specks of space of space dust that light up the air as they burn up.

Are you ready? Fasten your seat belts, look up, and welcome to the voyage of a lifetime.