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Ken Press Our Galaxy and the Universe

SKU: KEN-1-928771-08-4

The first book in this series explored our solar system and the planets.This book reaches beyond by taking you through our galaxy to the end of the Universe.

The Universe and all its galaxies are larger and more mysterious than anyone ever imagined. It has taken astronomers hundreds of years to piece together a basic understanding of the Universe and it will take many more to fully comprehend it.

The goal of astronomy and all sciences is to understand the workings of nature. We do this out of curiosity and we do it to help and better ourselves. Our scientific endeavors in the last century have lead to incredible insights that have provided us with modern medicines, computers, higher standards of living and a good sense of who we are in this Universe. However, we are still only at the beginning of a long scientific journey. May you join in and take us farther along the path.