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Ken Press Our Galaxy and the Universe

SKU: KEN-1-928771-08-4
  • This book covers our galaxy and the Universe as a whole in a way that is great for one to fifteen year olds.

  • Our Galaxy and the Universe is part of the Twenty-First Century Astronomy Series.

  • There are 36 pages in this astronomy book.

  • The book dimensions are 8.50 x 11.00 x 0.37.
$18.95 $12.76

Ken Press Guide to the Stars 11-inch Student Planisphere

SKU: KEN-1-928771-22-X
  • The author of this planisphere is Ken Graun.

  • The planisphere is geared toward children ages five to fifteen.

  • For use in the Northern Hemisphere from 30 to 50 degrees latitude.

  • The 11" Guide to the Stars features 70 constellations, 55 star names, 12 easy binocular objects, and more.

  • The Ken Press Guide to the Stars is made of durable plastic.

David Levy 11" Planisphere for 30-60 Degrees North - 11E

  • The 1'" Planisphere is made in the USA of durable plastic.

  • This is made to be used in the Northern Hemisphere from 30-60 degrees latitude.

  • The David H. Levy Planisphere's two parts are easy to use.

  • The planisphere uses two-sided projection to reduce sky distortion.

David Levy 16" Planisphere for 30-60 Degrees North - 16E

  • The 16" David H. Levy's Guide to the Stars Planisphere is made in the USA of plastic for durability.

  • For use in the Northern Hemisphere from 30-60 degrees latitude.

  • The David Levy Planisphere is easy to use and shows objects you can find with binoculars on the front.

  • The back includes information on the Moon, planets and meteor showers and more.

Ken Press Field Guide - Messier Objects Laminated Chart

  • The author of the Ken Press Field Guide is Ken Graun.

  • The chart is made plastic laminated to help with water resistance.

  • When folded, the chart measures 3.875" x 8.5" and 8.5" x 19" when unfolded.

  • This field guide is full of information on Messier Objects.

High Point Scientific understands that you are always learning, and we want to fuel your love of the Universe in every way we can. That is why we offer a full assortment of astronomy books, software, star charts, and more to help you explore the study of astronomy in new ways.

Astronomy software is a rapidly expanding industry, and it’s easy to see why. Software is often inexpensive, and with companies like Meade, Simulation Curriculum, and Software Bisque leading the charge, you know you’re in good hands. Enjoy clear, stunning celestial views right from your laptop or computer. This makes astronomy software great for educators because they can engage students in astronomy right from the classroom.

When you’re in the field exploring the skies, it may be difficult to find what you are looking for. That is why the best astronomers take star charts with them. Ken Press and Sky Spot have developed some of the best finder charts in the industry. Star charts eliminate the frustration of finding a particular celestial object. Never leave home without one!

Telescope making has also been a favorite pastime of astronomers. At High Point Scientific, we have many helpful astronomy books to get you started from publishers like Sky Publishing and Willmann-Bell. Materials are often inexpensive and can be found in your local hardware store. All you need is an imagination to get you viewing the skies like never before!

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