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Celestron Sky Maps & Planisphere - 93722

SKU: CEL-93722
  • This Celestron Sky Maps & Planisphere is made from sturdy, moisture resistant card stock.

  • These sky maps are made for use in the Northern Hemisphere.

  • The planisphere rotates to simulate the seasonal progression of celestial objects through the sky.

  • After being predisposed to light, the star glow like actual constellations.

  • The maps measure 13¼" x 11¼".

Ken Press Guide to the Stars 11-inch Student Planisphere

SKU: KEN-1-928771-22-X
  • The author of this planisphere is Ken Graun.

  • The planisphere is geared toward children ages five to fifteen.

  • For use in the Northern Hemisphere from 30 to 50 degrees latitude.

  • The 11" Guide to the Stars features 70 constellations, 55 star names, 12 easy binocular objects, and more.

  • The Ken Press Guide to the Stars is made of durable plastic.

Ken Press Field Guide - Messier Objects Laminated Chart

  • The author of the Ken Press Field Guide is Ken Graun.

  • The chart is made plastic laminated to help with water resistance.

  • When folded, the chart measures 3.875" x 8.5" and 8.5" x 19" when unfolded.

  • This field guide is full of information on Messier Objects.

Orion Mars Map & Observing Guide - 51924

SKU: ORI-51924
  • An essential resource for viewing the "Red Planet"
  • Classical albedo and modern nomenclature are used to identify Martian features
  • This second edition contains information about Mars opposition as well as future observable conjunction events through 2026
  • Optimal Mars viewing and astro-imaging filters can also be found in this map
  • Laminated for dew and dirt prevention, this map measures 25.25" x 11" fully unfolded, but only 8.5" x 11" when folded, allowing for convenient portability

David Levy 11" Planisphere for 30-60 Degrees North - 11E

  • The 1'" Planisphere is made in the USA of durable plastic.

  • This is made to be used in the Northern Hemisphere from 30-60 degrees latitude.

  • The David H. Levy Planisphere's two parts are easy to use.

  • The planisphere uses two-sided projection to reduce sky distortion.

David Levy 16" Planisphere for 30-60 Degrees North - 16E

  • The 16" David H. Levy's Guide to the Stars Planisphere is made in the USA of plastic for durability.

  • For use in the Northern Hemisphere from 30-60 degrees latitude.

  • The David Levy Planisphere is easy to use and shows objects you can find with binoculars on the front.

  • The back includes information on the Moon, planets and meteor showers and more.

Sky Spot Finder Charts of Overlooked Objects

  • This is an ideal set of charts for the Telrad owner, but is also great for red dot finders.

  • The charts are easy to read with a red light.

  • The charts are made out of sturdy white vellum card stock and are bound together.

  • There are 45 pages total in this Finder Chart booklet.
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