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JMI Hard Telescope Carry Case for 8" Fork Mounted SCT - CASEX8

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Please be aware that there is an expanded lead time on this product of 2-3 months due to a JMI change in ownership and manufacturing location. We have removed optional upgrades for now because it will just push your delivery date back further. If you would like to check on the latest lead-time before placing your order, feel free to contact us by chat, phone or email. Thank you for your patience.

JMI Hard Multi-Use Telescope Carry Case
for 8" Fork Mounted SCT

The JMI Hard Multi-Use Telescope Carrying Case for 8" Fork Mounted SCTs will fit the following scopes: Celestron (Single Fork Arm) NexStar 8 / 8i / 8 SE / 8i SE (Special Edition) (may include optional GPS accessory); Meade LX50 8", LX90 8", LX90-ACF 8", LX90GPS 8", LX100 8", LX200 8" (both GPS and non-GPS), LX200-ACF 8", LX200GPS 8", LX200R 8".

The case includes four latches (two lockable), three steel-reinforced handles, a 2" by 26" steel hinge and die-cut foam lining with compartments for telescope, eyepieces, finder scope and accessories. The finder scope must be removed from the telescope and placed in a foam compartment. A soft bag is included for hand unit protection. The case can be carried or pulled using the standard attached wheels. If you want larger wheels or a retractable luggage-style handle, you can check the appropriate boxes in the Options section above.

When used for the Meade LX90, the LNT Module and SmartFinder must be removed and stored in the case. A quick-release bracket is included (see picture below) for instant accurate repositioning when attaching the LNT Module. (This bracket can be used for other finders also.) Our carrying cases are manufactured with exact-fit die-cut foam to hold the telescope as securely as possible. They can, however, be used for telescopes other than those for which they were designed.

Outside dimensions of the case are approximately 32" x 21-1/2" x 13-5/8" and its empty weight is approximately 18.0 lb. The shipping box is approximately 32" x 14" x 22-1/2" (FedEx Ground dimensional weight is 54 lb.) and the shipping weight is approximately 22.8 lb. All values are subject to slight changes.

NOTE Regarding Pre-Cut Foam Interior:

The foam for this case is manufactured with pre-cut removable strips to convert the cavity configuration from the NexStar Single Fork Arm shape, the LX90 shape to the LX50/100/200 shape. WARNING: Read the instructions carefully to determine which foam pieces to remove. If you remove the incorrect pieces, they will have to be glued back in place.

The following fork-mounted telescopes should fit inside the CASEX8 with a small amount of space between the fork arms and the foam: Celestron C8 / C8+ / Celestar 8 Deluxe / Powerstar 8 / Fastar 8 (both Original Version with non-tapered Celestar 8 style fork arms and Newer Version with tapered Ultima 9-1/4" style fork arms), Meade 2080 / 8" LX2 through LX10 / Ultima 8. The optical tube of Celestron and Meade 8" German Equatorial SCT or Newtonian telescopes (26" length maximum) will fit inside the CASEX8 loosely with extra padding needed to take up extra space, especially at one or both ends of the optical tube.

Please Note: If this case shows In Stock at High Point (instead of Drop Ship) you can assume that this particular case will not have any upgrades installed. If you want to add upgrades and have them installed at the factory, we will order your customized case and it will drop ship to you once the wheels and/or handle have been installed. Thanks.