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Cleaning & Maintenance

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Celestron Lens Pen Optics Cleaning Tool

Apertura Lens Pen - A-PEN

  • Gently clean eyepieces, binoculars, small telescopes and other optics with this inexpensive Lens Pen from Apertura!

  • A retractable cleaning brush removes loose dust and particles

  • For more stubborn particles and smudges, use the special cleaning element

  • Perfect for the photographer or amateur astronomer!
Celestron Lens Pen Optics Cleaning Tool

Celestron Lens Pen Optics Cleaning Tool - 93575

SKU: CEL-93575
  • This lens pen has retractable dust brush to protect the bristles.

  • The lens pen has a special non-liquid cleaning elements that will never dry out.

  • Smaller aperture telescopes, eyepieces, and binoculars are the optimum instruments for this lens pen to clean.

  • The pen is great for quickly and easily cleaning lenses when out in the field.

Vortex Lens Pen for Cleaning Optics - LP2

  • The Vortex Lens Pen is made with a non-liquid compound that will not dry out.

  • The brush side of the pen is retractable so the bristles can be protected when not in use.

  • Vortex's lens pen is designed to reduce static charge.

  • The cleaning pen is small and compact, making it easy to carry and use.

Zhumell Lens Pen - ZHUL060-1

  • The bristles of the brush are made of natural, retractable bristles.

  • The cleaning tip is non-liquid and will not dry out.

  • Zhumell has made the lens pen pocket size for easy transport and storage during observation sessions.

  • This lens pen is great for cleaning small aperture telescopes and small lenses on eyepieces and binoculars.

Take care of your telescope and accessories using the many cleaning tools we offer at High Point Scientific. Proper care and regular maintenance ensure that your astronomy equipment will last for years to come. We offer top-quality cleaning materials from your favorite brands like Celestron, Orion, Vortex, Vanguard, and more. Don’t know if your scope needs cleaning? Then it is best to leave it alone. Many new amateur astronomers think they should clean their equipment often, but this will only make your telescope’s mirrors or lenses more prone to scratching. It is best NOT to disassemble or remove your scope’s optics because this can void your warranty.

But if you find a cleaning is needed, we have you covered. We have a wide selection of cleaning materials to suit your needs, such as lens pens, cleaning fluid, microfiber cloths, as well as other supplies. When cleaning lenses and mirror, it is important to not apply cleaning fluid directly to the surface, because it may seep through the lens edges and leave stains where you cannot reach them. Instead, dab a small amount on a cloth or clean tissue.

Besides cleaning fluid, you can also use acetone or rubbing alcohol, though we recommend you not use acetone on camera or binocular lenses, as it may dissolve the lens coatings. As always make sure your immediate area is clean of dirt and debris and that you be careful not to touch the lense surface. With careful, delicate precision, cleaning is a simple and easy way to brighten your scope's views. Not sure where to start? High Scientific has many great bundles to choose from so you can get all of your cleaning supplies in one fell swoop.

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