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Zhumell Optics Cleaning Kit - ZHUL002-1


Zhumell Optics Cleaning Kit

See Clearly Again!

Prevent annoying smears and smudges for damaging your views with this Zhumell Lens Cleaning Kit. Professionally designed, this kit eliminates these aforementioned blemishes from all optical surfaces. This is a complete optical care kit in a single condensed system that is safe for use with delicate, anti-reflective coatings. The Zhumell Optical Lens Cleaning Kit includes:

  • Premium microfiber optical lens cleaning cloth
  • Lens cleaning fluid is explicitly designed to achieve sparkling clean lenses without causing harm to delicate surfaces and coatings
  • Highly flexible lens brush with bellows
  • Special, absorbent cleaning tissues
  • Soft cotton swabs
  • Transparent water resistant plastic case