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Bob's Knobs Meade 10" SCT f/6.3 Collimation Knobs w/ Dust Cover Spacers - M10WF


Bob's Knobs Meade 10" SCT Wide-field f/6.3 Collimation Knobs W/ Dust Cover Spacers

  • Bob's Knobs Meade 10" f/6.3 SCT LX200, LX100, LX50, LX10,and 2120 models that are marked f/6.3 WIDE-FIELD on the corrector ring

  • Bob's Knobs Meade 8" f/6.3 SCT Knobs are made with stainless steel and are 19 mm in diameter

  • Included in your Bob's Knobs order is an Allen Wrench for removal of factory collimation screws

Provided with your Bob's Knobs Meade 8CT f/6.3 WIDE-FIELD Collimation Knobs is a set of spacers attached to the inside of the dust cover on your telescope. Your Meade factory dust covers may contact the knobs when installed so these spacers attach to the inside of the dust cover to move it slightly away from the secondary assembly. For additional clearance, press on the center of the cover from the inside to contour it.