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Baader Planetarium Silica Gel with Color Indicator - 125 ml Orange - SILGEL


Baader Silica Gel w/Color Indicator - 125 ml Orange

  • Desiccant 125 ml
  • Color indicator is environment friendly
  • Reusable as frequently as you please
  • Offers moisture protection for optics

To avoid moisture accumulation ruining your expensive optics, optical accessories, eyepieces, CCD camera, or the interior of your telescope, you'll want to take the same preventative measures research laboratories do for their costly equipment. Here, it is customary to place a small flat desiccant pillow or bag in the telescope or in the accessory cabinet.

Completely reusable silica gel crystals transform from orange to clear to demonstrate the moisture saturation level for an item. When you're finished, pour the crystals into a porcelain dish and place them in an oven set to 150 degrees for 5 hours and they'll be ready to once again offer moisture protection for your optics.