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Telescope Dew Shields & Dew Protection

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Pegasus Astro DewZap Dew Heater Controller

Pegasus Astro DewMaster 5 Channel Digital Dew Heater Controller - PEG-DEWMSTR

  • Allows for connection of up to 5 dew heaters
  • Give individual control of all five dew heaters
  • 100% digitally operated
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Pegasus Astro Digital Temperature/Humidity Sensor for DewMaster - PEG-SENS-DEWMSTR

  • Compatible with the Pegasus Astro DewMaster
  • The external sensor detects a user's location environment
  • The sensor measure 1 meter in length

Shield your scope from the harmful effects of dew and stray light with these accessories from High Point Scientific! Dew doesn’t have to put a damper on your stargazing experience. The effects of dew are the same as when it collects on a car windshield; you will find a thick layer of condensed water, or dew, in the wee hours of the morning on your scope’s lens when you’re at a location with a high enough humidity level and air temperature ideal for dew formation. When dew collects on your telescope’s lens, it important not to wipe it or you will risk damaging the anti-reflection coatings.

So what can you do? Prevention is key. Equip your telescope with dew shield to reduce the amount of cold air your telescope’s lens is exposed to. Light shrouds are another great way to protect your telescope from the elements and are even excellent at keeping stray light from entering your optics. You already see dew? Use a dew heater strip to warm the lens surface and evaporate dew. Heated dew shields are the best of both worlds. They effectively prevent dew formation and ensure your lens stays warm all night long. Check out our selection of eyepiece dew heater strips to keep your eyepieces in tip-top shape.

Here at High Point, we handpicked products we know you will enjoy. We have selected accessories from the best manufacturers in the industry, such as AstroZap, Dew-Not, Kendrick, and ZWO. Enjoy long, uninterrupted nights viewing the skies with the best dew protection available.

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