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Baader Planetarium

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Baader 25 mm Polaris II Illuminated Measuring & Guiding Eyepiece

Baader Planetarium 25 mm Polaris I Illuminated Guiding Eyepiece - POL-1

  • Focal Length: 25 mm
  • Apparent Field of View: 40 degrees
  • Barrel Size: Bayonet/Screw Mount
  • Eye Relief: 15.5 mm

Baader offers eyepieces for every occasion, no matter your budget. Our selection of Baader eyepieces will give you immersive, wide field views for an observing experience like no other. Their most popular eyepieces include the Morpheus, Hyperion, and Classic Ortho series. We also offer many accessories so you can get the best possible views out of your Baader eyepieces. These accessories include fine-tuning rings and guiding eyepieces to ensure your setup is properly focused.

Containing a genuine 76º field of view, the Morpheus eyepieces allow total immersion in the cosmos without the need to roll your eyes. Giant 20 mm eye relief is ideal for comfortable viewing with glasses and contributes to a "spacewalk feeling" that you typically get only with much larger eyepieces and unattainable apparent fields of view. At the same time, the image does not appear distorted or like looking through a fishbowl in any way. Center contrast and brightness are analogous to what you would expect from the finest planetary eyepieces. Even with the fastest telescope optics, you'll experience razor-sharp stars close to the field's outermost edge.

Baader 68º Hyperion Modular Eyepieces have unique photo-visual features for exceptional performance. In order to achieve genuine high-end performance from a wide-field eyepiece, amateurs previously needed to spend more on their eyepieces than on their main instrument. Not anymore. Thes Hyperions have undergone a complete redesign and now offer improved transmission and contrast. They're not merely a rebranded version of their revered cousins. Baader Planetarium has diligently worked to supply these multi-functional Hyperions with the finest optical coatings and superb mechanics.

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