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Electronic Eyepieces

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Experience the digital revolution in astronomy! Electronic eyepieces allow you to experience the views through your telescope with a computer, laptop, or another USB-enabled device. Simply attach the eyepiece to your scope’s focuser, just you would for any other eyepiece. Then plug in the eyepiece to your laptop’s USB port and you will be able to record images and videos of celestial objects captured by your scope.

This device gives you the best qualities of an astronomical camera coupled with the easy-to-use eyepiece barrel. These careful design choices make electronic eyepiece ideal for planetary or lunar imaging. Don’t forget this can also be used to capture videos, so you can easily share your celestial views with friends and family.

Aim and focus your telescope on an observing target using a regular eyepiece. Always start with a large number eyepiece, such as a 25mm. Once you have located and centered the object, remove the eyepiece and insert the electronic eyepiece in its place. Slowly adjust the focuser knob to bring the image to focus. Use the capture function of the program to capture the image or movie.

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