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Baader Rubber Eye Shield for 40.5 mm - 41.5 mm Diameter Eyepieces - EYECP-4


Baader Winged Eye Shield - Fits 40.5mm - 41.5mm Diameter Eyepieces

Baader winged rubber eyecups are the ideal companion for most 1.25" eyepieces. The winged extension comfortably blocks out extraneous light from the periphery, and the wing can be rotated to the position it does the most good. When your eye is protected from light coming in from the side, it is easier to see faint objects. Nothing ruins a good view more quickly than a bright light skipping across the optical surface of the eyepiece! The Baader Winged Eyecup works wonderfully well for binoviewing as well. The winged extension folds down for more compact storage.