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Eyepiece Accessories

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William Optics 2" RotoLock Eyepiece Adapter & Visual Back with 48 mm Male Threads

William Optics 2" RotoLock Eyepiece Adapter / Visual Back with 48mm Male Threads - D-ROTO-A2-M48M

  • This eyepiece adapter is compatible with telescopes and accessories with female 48 mm threads.

  • The other side of the adapter has a standard 2" visual back.

  • Slightly turning the adapter clockwise will lock accessories in place.

  • William Optics' Rotolock Eyepiece adapter's length is 55.5 mm with a 75 mm outer diameter.
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William Optics 2" RotoLock Eyepiece Adapter & Visual Back with 3.28" Female Adapter

William Optics RotoLock Eyepiece Adapter / Visual Back with SCT 3.28" Threads - D-ROTO-A2-SCT328F

  • This WO Rotolock Eyepiece Adapter mounts to the 3.28" SCT male threads on most SCTs.
  • Using this adapter will replace the original visual back with one that will accept a WO Rotolock.
  • William Optics has designed the adapter to have threads for 48 mm filters.
  • All you have to do is rotate the adapter ring clockwise to lock in the inserted accessory.

When observing, it is crucial to outfit your eyepiece with the correct accessories. At High Point Scientific, we are committed to providing you with a diverse set of options so you can observe comfortably and easily all night long. We have accessories from the top brand in the industry, including Tele Vue, Meade, Baader, and many more.

When you purchase a new eyepiece, it often will not include all of the parts you need to secure it to your scope. Eyepiece manufacturers often will not provide accessories necessary for eyeglass wearers to use their products, such as eyeshields. This is why we offer eyepiece clamps, adapters, eyeshields, eyeguards, and other accessories so you can get the most out of your investment.

Then there are the essentials that observers do not even think about, such as dust caps. A simple accessory, dust caps are crucial to preserve your eyepiece’s optics. These caps prevent dust, dirt, and debris from slipping into the optics, which can lead to a costly procedure to remove. We recommend purchasing several of these because we often misplace such small accessories.

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