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Tele Vue Eyeguard Extender - Twist-on Style - EGE-0020


Tele Vue Eyeguard Extender - Twist-on Style

Concept: Many of our eyepieces, such as Radians, Nagler type 4, 55 Plossl, 41 Panoptic have adjustable height eyeguards to permit comfortable viewing, with or without eyeglasses.

Other eyepieces such as 35 Panoptic, 27 Panoptic, 40 Plossl, 32 Plossl have long eye relief that is comfortable for eyeglass wearers, but the eye relief may be uncomfortably long for some users without eyeglasses.

Enter: "Eyeguard Extender" Eyeguard Extender raises the eyeguard position by 8 mm, and includes a rubber eyeguard and eyepiece cap (in case yours is lost or damaged.) Units are stackable: for example 2 units add 16 mm height and make a 40 mm Plossl very comfortable for solar viewing by blocking out stray daylight to maximize contrast in white light or hydrogen-alpha viewing. Eyeguard extender is black anodized aluminum with anti-reflection threads.

Usage: The Eyeguard Extender attaches to the top of your eyepiece with the simplicity of a Dioptrx corrector lens. It has two rings that thread together to clamp on the eyepiece: an inner-ring that holds the rubber eyeguard and outer ring that slips over the top of the eyepiece. Starting with the inner-ring backed off from fully tight, take off your existing rubber eyeguard, place the Eyeguard Extender in its place, screw-down the inner ring until the Eyeguard does not slip off.