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Meade 1.25" Series 4000 - 6.4 mm Super Plossl Eyepiece - 07170-02

SKU: MEA-07170-02

Meade 1.25" Series 4000 - 6.4 mm Super Plossl Eyepiece

If you are looking for an eyepiece with long eye relief, a wide field of view, sharp images edge-to-edge, the Meade 6.4 mm Super Plossl eyepiece is right for you! This eyepiece also yields extremely low astigmatism, spherical aberration, and off-axis color. Incorporating 7-layer multi-coatings and edge-blackened optics for optimum image contrast, this sophisticated 4-element design permits levels of optical performance generally impossible to achieve with eyepieces of fewer elements. The 6.4mm Super Plossl features a parafocal design and includes a soft rubber eyeguard, custom fitted to each eyepiece with a bayonet mount. The eyeguard folds down for eyeglass wearers, and in fact the folded eyeguard shields eyeglasses from coming into contact with the metal eyepiece housings.

Designed to utilize the very latest in optical glass types, the 6.4mm Meade 4-element Super Plossl is a great eyepiece for a variety of uses. For observing hairline lunar and planetary detail, splitting close double stars, or for resolving faint nebulosity in deep space, the Meade Super Plossl optimizes the performance of any telescope type, whether f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain, f/16 refractor or f/4 reflector. It also operates well in conjunction with the air-spaced design of the Meade #140 2x Apochromatic Barlow.