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Stellarvue 32 mm Reticle 2" Eyepiece - E7032R


Stellarvue 32 mm Reticle Eyepiece - 2"

  • Perfect for alignment with nearly 70 degrees of wide field views
  • Stellarvue 32 mm Reticle Eyepiece has a 2" barrel providing 20 mm of eye relief
  • Five element design with a crosshair reticle for great telescope aiming
  • The Stellarvue 32mm Reticle Eyepiece has a port on the side (covered by a protective cap) that is ready to accept an illuminator, such as the one shown in the image.

The Stellarvue 32 mm 2" eyepiece features a 70 degree field of view, a 41 mm field stop diameter and a cross-hair reticle. The E7032R may be used with the Stellarvue F060M3 and F080M3 straight-through finderscopes. It would also work well with the SV060EDS and D1029ED when being used as a finderscope. The optional EI002 reticle illuminator may also be purchased for use with this eyepiece.