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Tele Vue 2" Eyepiece Barrel Extender - EBX-2120


Tele Vue 2" Eyepiece Barrel Extender

The Tele Vue 2" Eyepiece Barrel Extender increases backfocus distance and provides a mounting location for 2" (48mm) eyepiece filters. It can also help parfocalize eyepiece sets. Extender adds 1.2-inches to the 2" barrel.

The 2" extension tube can be screwed onto the 2" barrel of any Tele Vue dual size barrel 2"/1.25" eyepiece. This permits use of 2" filters, as well as 1.25" filters which would already be compatible.

Ethos Models with dual 2" / 1¼" barrels can use the extender.

12 mm Nagler Type-4 The EBX-2120 makes the 12 mm approximately parfocal with the 17 mm and 22 mm Nagler Type-4 eyepieces when used in a Tele Vue 2" diagonal.

55 mm Plössl Because the field stop is located near the bottom of the chrome eyepiece barrel, you will need to rack your focuser out further, relative to most other eyepieces. If you find that you cannot rack your focuser out enough to achieve focus, we strongly recommend you purchase our EBX-2120. This will make Tele Vue's 55 mm Plössl eyepiece approximately parfocal with our 27 mm Panoptic eyepiece.