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Astronomik Blue Type 2c Filter - 2" Round Mounted - B-2

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Astronomik 2" Round Mounted Blue Filter

  • This blue Astronomik Type 2c filter with close to 100% transmission is mounted in a round 2" cell
  • Coatings provide full resistance to the negative impacts of scratching, aging, and high humidity
  • Diffraction limited, this filter will not compromise your telescope system's optical performance
  • In order to provide the most optimal color reproduction for simple image processing, Astronomik has modified this filter's transmission
  • Higher transmission facilitates the shortest exposure times possible
  • Because this 2" Blue Filter already blocks Infrared, a supplemental IR blocking filter is not needed
  • German-made for excellent optical quality!

More About Astronomik 2" LRGB Filters

For pure color facsimiles of planets, stars, emission nebulae, and reflection nebulae, Astronomik 2" round, mounted LRGB filters are tough to beat. Featuring transmission properties enhanced for CCD imaging, these filters allow the procurement of correct color images for a wide range of objects. Unlike filters from other brands that make bizarre compromises, Astronomik filters offer the greatest possible color facsimile. You'll see stars as well as objects that only emit in spectral lines in their true colors. The color in your resulting images will be so flawless, it will be as if the objects were bright enough to see with the sun out. This is what differentiates Astronomik filters from filters other manufacturers have developed.

Astronomik doesn't end their thought process at the picture taking step. They know astrophotographers want an instrument that enables a simple, elegant editing process. For color retention, Astronomik has figured their LRGB filter set for the sRGB color space, a well-established industry standard for most makers of monitors, printers, and imaging software. The spectrum is split into its four components: red, green, blue, and luminance. This allows color separation to be achieved with pure black & white CCD sensors. This separation correlates to the color sensitivity of the human eye per DIN 5032. By utilizing the sRGB color space, there will be no reduction in the color during the entire processing and output of the image. The combination of your CCD camera and Astronomik's L-RGB filters allows the creation of optimal raw material for sRGB color space image processing.

The high-precision machining of the carrier substrate on Astronomik LRGB filters makes them parfocal with wedge errors under all customary margins. Diffraction limited, these filters will not reduce the superior quality of your optical system. Focal distance issues as well as concerns about the exact image location in each color image are no longer applicable! These filters also provide full resistance to scratching, aging, and high humidity. Durable, high-quality plastic storage cases are included with all Astronomik LRGB filters.

Transmission Specifications

  • Over 99% transmission
  • Blocks unwanted Infrared wavelengths