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Astronomik L-3 Luminance UV-IR Block Filter - T-Mount - L3-T

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Astronomik UV-IR Block L-3 Luminance Filter - T-Mount

Astronomik has updated their Luminance, or UV/IR block filter line to include three different spectral window widths so that you can match your L filter to the type of telescope you use. This filter is an "L-3", and has the narrowest spectral window. By contrast, L-1 has a widest spectral window, and L-2 is very similar to the classic Astronomik Luminance Filter, with a spectral window that falls between L-1 and L-3. This Astronomik UV-IR filter is mounted in thin metal cell with M42x0.75 T-threads.

The Astronomik L3 UV-IR Block Luminance Filter is designed for use with refractors with some false color because, in combination with the Astronomik Deep-Sky RGB filters, it will diminish the bluish halo around stars. For reference purposes, please note that the L1 Luminance filter is designed to be used with systems that are free from chromatic aberration, and the L2, with its classic spectral window, is great for general use and is well suited to most optical systems with a reducer, corrector, or field flattener in the optical chain.

This Astronomik T-mounted Luminance Filter allows the area of the spectrum visible to the human eye to pass through while blocking the remainder of the spectrum in the UV and IR. For any type of digital astrophotography, this UV-IR blocking filter is ideal due to its elimination of problems encountered in the UV and IR portions of the spectrum. Works with systems featuring focal ratios ranging from f/0.5 to f/50. Typical transmission is above 99%. Aside from being the ideal parfocal filter for the luminance channel, the Astronomik 2" UV-IR Blocking L2 Filter also serves to shield your telescope and camera from dust.

Astronomik L3 UV-IR Block Luminance Filter - T Mounted Highlights

  • Parfocal with any filter from Astronomik
  • Fully resistant to scratching, aging, and high humidity
  • Diffraction limited for no compromise in your telescope system's optical performance!
  • Astronomik filters arrive with a long-lasting plastic storage container of superior quality