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Celestron LRGB Filter Set - 1.25" - 95517

SKU: CEL-95517
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Celestron 1.25" LRGB Filter Set for CCD Imaging


  • The perfect LRGB filter set for the Celestron Skyris Filter Wheel.
  • Red, blue, green, and luminance filters made with quality glass, and mounted in a standard 1.25” cell.
  • Dichroic coatings and multiple layers of anti-reflection coatings produce images with optimum color balance and light throughput.
  • Filters transmit more than 92% of light from the entire visual spectrum, while blocking more than 99% of IR transmissions in the 730 - 920nm range.
  • Celestron LRGB filters are compatible with Skyris cameras, The Imaging Source cameras, and others that accept standard 1.25” filters.

More About the Celestron 1.25" LRGB Filter Set


Take color images of the night sky with a monochrome CCD camera, a simple filter wheel, and this four-piece Celestron LRGB filter set!  These imaging filters were designed in the Celestron facility in California to produce a spectrum bandpass that yielded optimum color balance and sharpness. 

Each 1.25” mounted filter has a clear aperture of 26 mm, and is layered with dichroic coatings that allow transmission of more than 92% of the visual spectrum (420 nm-680 nm) while blocking infrared (IR) transmissions that would cause slightly out-of-focus images were they left unblocked.  Anti-reflection coatings are also applied in multiple layers to further increase contrast and light throughput, and to protect the filter from the effects of daily use.

 The Celestron LRGB Filter Set includes a red (R), green (G), blue (B), and luminance (L) filter.  Since they are mounted in a standard 1.25” cell, these filters can be used with a wide variety of cameras, including the Celestron Skyris and The Imaging Source astronomy cameras.