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Astronomik IR Blocking Filter - T-Mount - IR-T

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Astronomik IR Blocking Filter - T-Mount

Astronomik IR-Blocking Filters should be used when sensors with low sensitivity in the UV portion of the spectrum (e.g. Webcam, Meade DSI and LPI, and most video systems) are involved. With this filter placed in front of your DSLR camera, those IR-caused problems like bright halos around objects and overall image softness are a thing of the past.

Transmission data from the Astronomik IR Blocking Filter, when compared with data from other sources, makes this filter akin to what most manufacturers would call a UV-IR blocker even now. But what Astronomik calls a "UV-IR blocker" is superior to any UV-IR blocker available from any manufacturer anywhere in the world!

Optimized for systems featuring focal ratios spanning from f/0.5 to f/50, the Astronomik T-Thread IR-Blocking Filter has a typical transmission above 99%. It can be used in lieu of the UV-IR Blocker if your camera has low sensitivity at short wavelengths; to protect your DSLR camera or Schmidt-Cassegrain, Schmidt-Newtonian, or Maksutov telescope from dust; and, if your system does not have any refracting elements, as a substitution for the MC Clear filter.

Astronomik T-Thread IR-Blocking Filter Highlights

  • Obstructs all IR light without having any influence on the visual part of the spectrum
  • Provides an excellent method for shielding your telescope or camera from dust
  • Parfocal with any other Astronomik filter
  • Completely resistant to the scratching as well as to the effects of aging and high humidity
  • Diffraction limited, this filter will not have any impact on your telescope's optical performance.
  • Delivered with a durable, high-quality plastic storage box