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Astronomik Deep Sky RGB Color Filter Set - 31 mm Round - DRGB-31

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Astronomik Deep Sky RGB 31 mm Color Filter Set

Adding to their already superb filter collection, Astronomik has introduced a new line of RGB filters. Developed to enable maximum deep sky imaging performance for CCD cameras, you'll experience a vast improvement in your end results. This is due to the high quality of data supplied by these Astronomik Deep-Sky RGB filters that translates into exceptional final images with vivid color that offer exceptional sharpness and contrast.

An extended, detailed resarch and development process has led Astronomik to create these new Deep-Sky RGB filters. They are the most sophisticated Deep-Sky RGB filters available for imaging at this time. These filters feature transmission curves designed to provide intense, vivid colors with firm support for emission lines that are the most important. Turning the data taken from these DRGB filters into a spectacular finished image is easy and straightforward.

During the design of the Deep-Sky RGB filters, Astronomik took a close look at the sensitivity curves of today’s popular CCD cameras. The result was that they found a way to make one set of filters for all kind of sensors ranging from KAF- and KAI-sensors, to the chips made by Sony, meaning you can do 1:1:1 ratio RGB exposures with all sensors, with only minimal tweaking necessary during processing to achieve perfect colors in your image!

The transmission curve characteristics and coatings on the new Deep Sky RGB filters have been designed and engineered in such a way that no halos or reflections will be visible. Even with bright stars in the field of view you will be able to reveal the faintest structures in nebulae or galaxies.

Like all Astronomik Filters, these new Deep-Sky RGB filters are made using an extremely durable and scratch resistant coating, deposited on the finest polished optical substrate, which is free of any striae or internal strains. All substrates are made to exactly the same thickness, so all of our filters are parfocal.

Astronomik Deep Sky RGB Color Filter Set Highlights

  • Close to 95% maximum transmission
  • Pinpoint star images are extremely sharp
  • High contrast
  • Easily processed data enables more striking final image colors
  • Optimized spectral windows allow for maximum sensor photon counts
  • Created utilizing the finest optically polished glass
  • Coatings are remarkably tough as well as resistant to scratching
  • MFR Coating method allows use with a large range of focal ratios