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Astronomik H-Alpha 12 nm CCD EOS XT Clip Filter - Extra Thin - HA12-EOS-XT

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Astronomik H-Alpha 12 nm CCD EOS XT Clip Filter

  • This 12 nm H-Alpha CCD Filter from Astronomik in XT EOS Clip format is an optimal fit for astro-imaging applications
  • Enjoy the full benefits of Astronomik clip filters for fine star images all the way to the corners of the field even when attempting to capture extremely wide angle shots using short focal length telescopes with this Astronomik XT EOS APS-C clip filter
  • Mounted on a carrier substrate that measures only 0.3 mm in thickness
  • Designed with the highest technical standards in mind to permit the desired optical performance for deep sky CCD imaging
  • Enables desired H-Alpha emissions to pass while obstructing nearly the entire rest of the visual spectrum including IR
  • Roughly 12 nm FWHM bandwidth
  • Obstructs all undesired light pollution, making it optimally suited for imaging planetary nebulae as well as supernova remnants
  • German-designed for superior optical quality!

More About Astronomik H-Alpha 12 nm CCD Filters

The Astronomik H-Alpha 12 nm CCD XT EOS Clip Filter is the perfect narrowband filter for deep sky astrophotography. A full width at half maximum (FWHM) of 12 nm is optimal for Canon EOS cameras, permitting the use of extremely fast optics. The f/number application range extends from 1:2.8 to 1:15. Transmission losses and chromatic distortions, which can be a problem with other filters, only crop up when super bright aperture ratios of 1:2 and more are involved. Other advantages of this filter include an up to 99% transmission and good guide star availability for cameras with a built-in autoguider.

The contrast between objects with H-Alpha emission lines and the skyglow background is enhanced by the Astronomik H-Alpha CCD Filter. In addition, this filter completely cuts off light from spurious sources such as the mercury and sodium-vapor lines from street lamps, making it an outstanding light pollution filter! Due to the Astronomik CCD H-Alpha substrate's high optical quality, you'll see the same razor sharp stars you'd see if you were using your regular telescope.

Arriving in a durable, high-quality plastic storage case, the Astronomik XT EOS Clip Format H-Alpha 12 nm CCD Filter is parfocal with any other Astronomik filter. It offers complete obstruction of all undesired wavelengths in the visible and IR spectral bands. This filter contains a very thin substrate and is diffraction limited for maintaining the optical performance of your telescope. It is also highly resistant to the effects of scratching, aging, and high humidity.

Astronomik XT Clip Filter System

Constructed using black anodized aluminum, this proprietary Clip-Filter system from Astronomik is produced on the most advanced, state-of-the-art machinery. Astronomik Clip Filters have long been a well-received accessory among astrophotographers. With these Astronomik XT clip filters, capturing extremely wide-angle images is now possible without compromising image quality at the corners. This is due to an ultra-thin carrier substrate of only 0.3 mm. Astronomik XT filters contain the same multi-layer coating technology as all other Astronomik filters, despite this ultra-thin glass. They offer full resistance to the effects of scratching, aging, and high humidity.

Please note this filter must NEVER be used for solar observing or imaging. Doing so will cause permanent damage to your eyes.