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Astronomik OIII 6 nm CCD Nikon XL Full Frame Clip Filter - OIIICCD6-NIKXL

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Astronomik OIII 6 nm CCD Filter - Nikon XL Full Frame Clip

  • This Astronomik OIII CCD Filter incorporates the Nikon Full Frame Clip format and is compatible with Nikon D800 and D810 full frame DSLR cameras
  • Made specifically for astro-imaging with CCD cameras
  • OIII line transmission is almost 100%
  • Roughly 6 nm FWHM bandwidth
  • Works best for planteary nebula and supernova remnant imaging
  • Astronomik's multi-layer coating technique protects this filter against scratches as well as the impacts of aging and high humidity
  • Diffraction limited, this filter will not compromise your telescope's optical performance
  • Made in Germany, a country known for producing high quality optics!
  • Ideally equipped for instruments with a minimum of 6" aperture

More About the Astronomik OIII 6 nm CCD Filter

For OIII emission line nebulae imaging from an ideally dark location or under heavily light polluted conditions, the Astronomik OIII CCD Filter offers complete impediment against mercury and sodium-vapor, the main causes of light pollution, as well as natural skyglow, and moonlight. The contrast between objects in the 501 nm doubly ionized oxygen line and the background is greatly enhanced. In addition, with this OIII 6 nm CCD Filter allows greenish and blueish targets to be photographed, considerably expanding your imaging potential.

This Astronomik OIII CCD Nikon XL Clip Filter incorporates a 6 nm narrow bandwidth with 96% typical transmission for a notable increase in contrast as all unwanted light from alternative wavelengths is blocked from UV up to IR. In comparison to the 12 nm OIII filter, this filter's smaller 6 nm FWHM (full width at half maximum) provides higher contrast gain. This results in an incredibly dark background.

Astronomik OIII Filters are the perfect choice for viewing under extremely light polluted conditions as well as for imaging faint targets in parts of the Milky with densely crowded stars. 6 nm FWHM is matched to provide superior performance with CCD and CMOS sensors with exceptionally low dark current! Furthermore, due to a new MFR coating technique applied to this filter, it can be used on all instruments up to f/4 without sacrificing efficiency.

Like all Astronomik filters, the OIII 6 nm CCD Nikon XL Full Frame Clip Filter is parfocal with all other Astronomik filters. Although its thickness is a miniscule 1 mm, this filter is still highly resistant to potential damage that scratching, aging, and high humidity can inflict. Diffraction limited to avoid lessening the optical performance of your telescope. Astronomik filters are delivered in a durable plastic storage container of superior quality.

Astronomik Nikon XL Full Frame Clip Filter System Compatibility

  • The Nikon XL-Clip Filter have been successfully tested with the D800 and D810. All manual lenses and T-adapters work fine!
  • Nikon full frame cameras that are not listed above have not been tested yet.
  • The Nikon XL Clip Filter will not work with cameras with APS-C sized sensors or with the new mirrorless models.

Transmission Specifications

  • Typical 95% OIII (501 nm) line transmission
  • Obstructs unwanted wavelengths from other areas of the visible spectrum