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Astronomik ProPlanet 642 IR Pass Filter - 1.25" Round Mounted - P642-1

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SKU: ASF-P642-1

Astronomik ProPlanet 642 IR-Pass Filter - 1.25"

The ProPlanet 642 BP is the most recent addition to Astronomik's ProPlanet IR-pass filter family. This filter offers a wide assortment of applications for daytime IR photography, high resolution imaging of the Moon and planets, and capturing gorgeous deep sky images of objects in H-alpha regions when used for astro-imaging.

This filter provides a 200 nm spectral window from 642 nm to 842 nm. Unlike Astronomik's other two ProPlanet filters, the P642-1 blocks the longer infrared. Along with the ProPlanet 742 and 807 filters, Astronomik now gives you three choices for your IR-imaging needs. The ProPlanet 642 will frequently be the correct choice for optimal imaging.

Daylight IR-Imaging:

  • High contrast images with excellent color rendition
  • Clear images with "wood effect"
  • No hot spot from longer IR
  • Short exposure times, nearly identical to regular VIS-imaging
  • Ideally suited for infrared videos

High Resolution Lunar & Planetary Imaging:

  • Short exposure times
  • Efficient seeing reduction
  • Improved contrast
  • Blocking the longer IR eliminates ghosting and enables maximum sharpness

Deep-Sky Astrophotography of H-Alpha Regions:

  • Best H-alpha line transmission at 656 nm
  • Approximately 40 nm FWHM with astro-modified DSLR cameras
  • Incredible contrast in moonlight or light polluted conditions
  • Reasonably priced filter for amateur H-alpha imagers
  • Camera display plus LiveView provides simple focusing

Technical Specifications

  • Over 96% transmission for wavelengths in the 642 nm to 842 nm range
  • Blocks wavelengths between 350 nm and 630 nm
  • Parfocal with all other filters from Astronomik
  • 1 mm glass thickness
  • Offers total resistance to scratching as well as the effects of aging and high humidity
  • Diffraction limited, this filter will not compromise the optical efficiency of your telescope
  • Astronomik filters arrive in a durable plastic filter container of superior quality

Image depicts the Astronomik 1.25" ProPlanet 742 IR-Pass Filter. This item number is for the 1.25" ProPlanet 642 IR-Pass Filter.